Presentation at conference on African studies in Sapporo

Above the “Japanese Alps” on my way to Sapporo from Kansai.

On 26 May 2018, I had the privilege of presenting my research at the 55th Annual Conference of the Japan Association for African Studies in the city of Sapporo. It was my first visit to Hokkaido, so besides the opportunity to share my research, I was looking forward to exploring and experiencing that part of Japan.

Photo taken by my supervisor while I was presenting.

My research question follows from the premise that there are many social challenges to doing business in Africa. My question is can Japanese companies overcome these challenges by contributing to sustainable development and make sustainable profit at the same time? I had only 12 minutes to present, so I had to keep my message very short.

Didier Shema-Maboko is doing a masters at Tsukuba University. He is originally from Rwanda.

There was a large poster section at the conference, where I had the pleasure of meeting some fellow Africans who are studying in Japan as well.

My supervisor and myself in front of the Jingisukan restaurant in Sapporo.

After the conference, my supervisor was kind enough to treat me to one of Hokkaido’s special dishes, namely “Jingisukan” (Japanese for “Genghis Khan”). It is a very tasty grilled mutton dish, which reminded me of South Africa, where mutton is very popular.

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