Site visit to AE-MIC Company

Yesterday some members of Kakehashi Africa visited AE-MIC Company in the south of Kyoto. AE-MIC is a SME which currently has 11 employees. Very friendly and warm team!

The company specialises in electronic measuring devices. About 50% of their products are exported overseas, mostly to Asian countries. However, they are eager to work with ABE Initiative participants to enter into African markets.

Here are some photos of our visit:

Our names and a personal welcome message were printed on posters that were put up at the entrance and inside the office. We felt very welcomed!

The work stations of the company were shown to us.

We were also introduced to some of the employees, who seemed to be working very hard!

Atsuyuki Kondoh-san of AE-MIC gave us an elaborate presentation about Japan, the company, their industry and the science behind their products.

Group photo of Kakehashi Africa members with Kondoh-san.

After the site visit, Kondoh-san treated us at a very tasty yaki-niku restaurant near the company premises.

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